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Everything You Need To Learn The Hotshot Business

What Hotshot Training Can Do For You

Safe Driving

We provided a truck and trailer for you to practice driving techniques needed for hotshot.

Ride-Along Mentorship

We place you on our safety course and ride-along with you to offer advice and answer questions.

Starting Your Business

We walk you through all the legal stuff like starting your first business LLC.

Finding Loads

Finding your own loads or using a dispatcher, we will show you the ropes so you can make money.

Securing Loads

Learn the best practices of securing your loads so you can avoid major accidents.

Hotshot-USA E-Guide

Receive a free copy of the Hotshot-USA E-Guide that includes 17 chapters to help you on the road.

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    Weekly Hotshot Training Classes

    Ride-Along, Weekly Training Classes - Truck & Trailer provided for all classes.

    Business Start Up

    Establish Your Business
    $ 199
    • 2 Hour Class Training
    • 1 Hour Business Strategy
    • Establish Your LLC

    Ride-Along Training

    Includes all available classes
    $ 499
    • Starting Your Business
    • Safe Driving Test
    • Finding Loads
    • Load Securement
    • After Class Support & Mentoring

    Load Securement

    Finding & Securing Loads
    $ 199
    • How To Find Loads
    • Securing Loads Best Practices
    • Weight Distribution

    All classes included after-class support & mentorship and a copy of Hotshot-USA’s “How To Get Started In The Business” E-Guide.

    Meet The Instructor

    Ride-Along, Weekly Training Classes - Truck & Trailer provided for all classes.

    My goal is to provide a quality and accelerated course to better equip you with the desired skills needed to be a safe and successful driver in the Hotshot industry.

    As an owner and operator I’ve mentored many drivers one on one with the skill set to ensure their driving abilities meets or exceed industry standards. For new entrepreneurs in Hotshot it can be overwhelming, but with our training classes it can give you the confidence to excel in your transportation future.

    These courses are implemented on years of Hotshot success from myself and other professional owner operators. Join a team that is passionate about helping you build your business on the right foundation.

    “Your Journey Starts Here”

    Hotshot Training Owner,
    Jerome Mathis